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Transfer loan and save on your monthly burden


Save on the monthly charge of your credit(s)

Save on the monthly charge of your credit(s)

Compare loans and calculate what you can save on your monthly payment. You often get rid of your loan faster or your monthly burden decreases by transferring your loan.

How can you transfer a loan?

How can you transfer a loan?

Compare loans to see if you can get a lower interest rate or a lower monthly charge. If that is the case, you can immediately apply for one or more loans via loan provider. These are quotations that you are not yet committed to.

You will receive the quotation (s) for the credit online by email or by post. You will return the signed agreement from the lender of your choice. Many lenders will repay your existing loan and deposit any amount that remains in your account. If the lender does not repay the loan for you, the entire amount will be deposited into your account and you can, therefore, repay your existing loan yourself.

Can you transfer all loans?

Can you transfer all loans?

You can transfer any form of a loan, revolving credit or personal loan, but also an outstanding debt on a credit card or overdraft on your payment account to a cheaper loan. For a credit card, overdraft and revolving credit, these can always be repaid fine-free (without costs).

A personal loan cannot always be repaid without penalty. This differs per lender. If a lender charge costs for transferring your existing loan, this is stated in your loan agreement. You can also find this in our comparison. Then choose a personal loan and stand with your mouse on the info button with your current lender. You will then see whether penalty-free repayments are possible.

If a lender does charge costs, it is good to know that this may not exceed 1% of the amount to be repaid. So if you pay off 10,000 USD, the maximum fine is 100 USD. You usually earn these costs back within a few months, because you get a lower interest rate when you take out the loan.

Loan acceptance


Of course, the new lender will first check whether you are eligible for a new loan. They do this by looking at your income and expenses. But we also look at your marital status, payment history of your current credits (Bureau Credit Registration) and whether you have children, for example.

If you only want to transfer the current loan and do not borrow an extra amount, chances are that you will be accepted. Most lenders have roughly the same acceptance criteria. You can also calculate your maximum loan on the loan providers.

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